Monday, July 05, 2010

It's been a loonnngggg time ....

Hi hi,

For those who have visited my blog over the past months, I'm deeply sorry for the lack of posts, recipes, activities in my blog.

It had been and still is a very busy period for me ... actually not just busy but also a transition period I'm going through. I have resigned from my really comfy, regular hours, steady pay employment and instead embarked on a journey of starting my own baking biz !!! Yayy !!! Is that Fantastic or what !!!

Though suffering from lack of rest, aching limbs, it's been rewarding so far ... to know that people LIKE my cakes. (^_^)

However, it still far from being on track but I'll strive on .... Ooosh !!!
So, sad to say but likely I'll be stopping my blogging for a while. For those who are interested to find out more about my little baking venture, here's our website and FB page. I'll be most glad if you can stop by our humble shop to try out our sweet treats !

Till then, take care & ciao. (^_^)

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