Saturday, November 21, 2009

Baking for Housewarming

I've been terribly busy eversince moving into my new place. Long task list of unpacking, cleaning, shopping for things, getting things in place ... and finally Housewarming with friends, colleagues and family after barely settled down. Still, I'm glad to have my cherished ones over to share my joy ... and also serve as a chance for us to catch up! ;)

The unfortunate thing is I don't have a habit of having a camera on hand to capture these moments. So most of my housewarming sessions went off 'unrecorded'. >_<

Luckily, for the gathering with my colleagues, we managed to snap a few photos, including the cakes I bake for them ! 3 different types of cakes and they are ...

An ultra moist ultra rich Chocolate Cake ...

Mango Cake in slices & cup-cake cases ... (got these really cute cases from Phoon Huat)

Matcha (Green Tea) Swiss Roll w/ Azuki Red Beans

I had the cakes nicely displayed on this 3-tier plates bought from Ikea. Hehe ... don't they look simply beautiful and tempting ?!?! (^_^) Most important is, I'm glad my colleagues enjoyed it.

Dessert of the day

I'll be posting the recipes for these cakes soon ... probably over the next few posts. So do keep a lookout if you wish to try it out. They are really yummy-licious! :P~~~~

Cakes, anyone ?!?! :)