Saturday, May 09, 2009

My Saturday Lunch

I received the letter today on my exam result (I spoke about my exam here). With trembling hands, I opened the envelope & to my surprise, I passed !!! Whew !!! To reward myself & also to strive & prepare more home-made meals for my family before I start work on Monday (that ends my 'holiday'), I decided to prepare a wholesome Saturday Lunch for them - Mini Teriyaki Chicken Burger with Mash Potato & Waldorf Salad. Sounds sumptuous right?
It took me quite a while as I had to juggle between the preparation & the photo-taking. Eventually, I gave up taking photos on the ingredients along the way & concentrate on the cooking cos I figured at the rate I'm going, it won't be ready for lunch but dinner. I'll try to persist through the next time & hopefully, it wouldn't be 虎头蛇尾 like this round. (^.^) Lucky I still managed to get a few great shots of the finished products.

First, preparation for the Mini Teriyaki Chicken Burger condiments.
Shred, slice, chop, dice ... get the spread. The ingredients were really fresh :)

Next, ingredients for making the Teriyaki Chicken Burger meat patties.

Then I moved on to prepare the Waldorf Salad & kept it refrigerated. This is where I stopped taking the photos so I'll just list the ingredients I used. I had iceberg lettuce, Fuji red apple, celery, tomato, raisins and toasted walnuts mixed with mayonaise & thousand island dressing. I did not state the quantity used as the amount of ingredients & dressings used in this salad is really versatile and can vary according to individual preference. You can easily add more apples or raisins for sweetness or celery for extra crunch. Green apples or a mix can be used too instead of just red.

Next is my home-made mash potato with gravy. I boiled some potatoes in salted water & mash with a ricer as I like mine with tiny bits of potato inside. I added some butter, fresh milk, nutmeg powder, salt & pepper to enhance the flavor. Again, the amount used depends on individual. If you prefer a richer & creamier texture, more butter can be added and cream can be used instead of fresh milk. For the gravy, I had a pack of ready-made Caramelised Onion with Red Wine Finishing Sauce by MasterFoods lying on my shelf for quite a while. Though it's meant to be used on grilled red meat, I decided to be lazy for once & used this as the gravy to substitute my usual brown vegetable gravy, which I normally make when I serve mash potato.

Returning to the burger, the meat patties were pan-fried with Teriyaki Sauce made by myself till nice & golden. As I had bought mini-sized burger buns, my meat patties were shaped smaller in size to fit the bun but still power-packed as they were at least 1" thick.
For the final ensemble of the burger - bun, lettuce, tomato, cheese & meat patty.
Stack it up & Voila !!!

For Him. For Her.
And now for the grand finale - Mama mia !!!
My hubby was all smile when he saw our lunch.
It was a REAL satisfying meal. And can you believe after all these, we still went to Iceskimo at Sin Ming Center for ice-cream (Bburrppp) ? & the air-con. (^_^)

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