Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yummy Homemade Breakfast #2

After making the tuna sandwich w/ salad and fruits for my hubby (see here), this is another "爱心早餐" I did last Sunday - Ricotta Cheese Hotcakes (^_^)

This is one of the recipe I got from the online Perfect Italiano website which I thought it's a really simple yet yummy breakfast treat for my family. Not only is the preparation easy, even the ingredients are readily available in our kitchen - just flour, milk, egg, butter & sugar.

But somehow, mine weren't as fluffy as the pic shown online nor was it like the Mac hotcakes. Mine was kinda flat and didn't 'bubbled' as much, maybe something's wrong with my baking powder (-_-!)

Nonetheless, I had this hotcakes with maple syrup & butter, coupled with some strawberries and mango. Top it off with a glass of fresh milk and it's still as satisfying! ;P~~~

For those who are keen to try this out, you can check out the recipe here.
In fact, they have a lot of other recipes involving using cheese & all look super-yummy!!!
Have fun exploring! ;)

Looks tempting, isn't it?!

Our Sunday Breakfast

This is the last hotcake I did and it had such a queer look! Not sure what happen but it end up having "fat, little fingers" around it ... hahaha :D

Funny-looking Hotcake

Friday, October 09, 2009

Hey I'm Back !!!

Yes ! I'm back in blogging action !!! (^_^) I know it's been a LONG while since I last blog & bake. In case you're wondering what happened, well ... it's bcos I was busy moving house over the past months.

I started packing my baking tools & barang barang real early & stop baking totally ... then was busy with packing, more packing .... then renovation, moving in ... then unpacking & more unpacking! Aaarrgghhhh ....

BUT finally I've settled down ! Yayy !!! My new house is nice & clean & spacious ... I'm Loving It ! :) Ummm ..... maybe I can do a tour of my new place in the next post (>_<)
And ... and ... I've just got a brand NEW KitchenAid Mixer to match my new kitchen ! Yayy x infinity !!! Ummm ... I should showcase my "Darling" in my next next post (>_<)

Haha ... it must be after-effects of not blogging for soooo long, I'm already thinking of the 2nd, 3rd posts .... ok ok back to reality (slap left slap right). Actually today's post is on the 1st meal I prepare for myself & my hubby after moving to our new place ... Opening Ceremony of my kitchen !

"Ai Xin Zao Chan"

With Orange segments & Grapes ...

And Salad w/ Egg, Hotdog, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumber, Sunflower seeds & Thousand Island Dressing

And Tuna Sandwich w/ Wholemeal Bread

A simple yet healthy & fulfilling breakfast for both of us! Bon Appetit !!! ;P (munch .. munch ..)