Monday, May 04, 2009

A Labour Day Gift to All - Lemon-man Cookies

Past 2 weeks have been crazy for me as there were a lot of sudden changes. I haven't had the time to do any baking (-.-) nor post any blogs. In case you wondered what happened, I have resigned and will be moving on to a new job soon. Last week was rather hectic clearing up my work & handing over. Finally, I had some time this week before I start on my new post to resume my baking routine & blog posting ... I sure hope I do not have to break for too long when I start my new job (keep my fingers crossed).

Over the weekend, I decided to try out a cookie recipe from a recipe book I bought during my recent KL trip. It's a mould-cut lemon cookie that calls for simple & basic ingredients - just lemon, flour, sugar, butter, egg & almond powder.

And instead of using a normal flower-shaped cookie cutter, I happily used the gingerbread-man cookie cutter which is also newly bought from Phoon Huat. Then I thought those little 'men' looked really plain and started decorating them with buttons, eyes & mouths. Don't they look fabulous? (^_^)

Sad to say, while the look is colorful & cute, the taste in my opinion is simply 'so-so'. Thus, I won't be posting the recipe here but thought that I would still share the decoration idea & pictures here. It's also a tribute to all in celebration of Labour Day - I wish all Happy Belated Labour Day. Let's give ourselves a pat on our shoulders for jobs well done !!! Keep it up !!!

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