Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jelly Cookies

My family love this. I used to make this for sale during Christmas & CNY. The cookie is fragant & crispy; the filling gets a little chewy after baking ... it can get really additive!

Jelly Cookie

I use blackcurrant jam here but any jam will do. I've tried using apricot & kiwi jam also. End result? Colorful pinwheel jelly cookies in red, green & yellow ... (^.^)

Baked with Blackcurrant Jam


  1. Babe!!

    you're super talented!!!! everything looks so yummy I can eat all of it!
    Pam and me would like to attend some baking classes, perhaps u can conduct one so we dun have to pay school fees leh! hahahaha


  2. Haha ... thanks for the compliment, gal.

    Sure I can conduct but you still have to pay school fees ... to ME !!! (^.^)

  3. wah laoz....

    tot can save $$
    lidat also cannot

    ooo, anyway the last time i catered those cupcakes for my corporate event
    show u the pictures! email u when i get to office.

  4. Haha ... times are bad lor so need to make $$$.

    Thanks gal, look forward to the pics. :)