Sunday, April 05, 2009

Panda Adventure

An adventure of 2 Panda ...

Although cake decorations using cream & fondant never fail to amaze/impress me, I have never been comfortable coating my cakes with layers of cream or fondant. Somehow it just makes me feel guilty if I have to use layers of fats/sweets to 'beautify' my cakes. I rather keep it simple. That's also the main reason why my cakes are more of 'plain Jane' in terms of their looks.

So when I came across this in one of the books I have on Chocolate, I thought it will be a cool substitute. It's a method for making pliable chocolate ... the texture is supposedly to work just like fondant. Cool isn't it? Imagine all those things I can make ... except it's in chocolate ! I believe most of us have a weakness for chocolate.

But the results was rather disappointing. Firstly, I'm supposed to end up with pliable chocolate that can work like 'plastersin' or fondant. It could be because I used compound chocolate instead of converture chocolate ... my 'chocolate fondant' (this is what I called it) ended up rather hard and not as knead-able as I expected. Secondy, it ended up shiny & greasy, totally different from the pic in the recipe which look matte. In the end, my panda look like they are perspiring ... hahaha (^.^)

They looked worlds apart, doesn't they? (But I thought mine look kinda cute too)

Sigh ... guess I still need to work on it. I was thinking of using it to decorate some cupcakes I intend to bake for my neighbours during this coming Easter. Ummm .... (-_-!)

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