Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Great Sunday Morning

Usually by the time I wake up on a Sunday morning, it would be around 9-10+ am if I'm lucky or easily past noon when I'm not (Yes, I know I know but Hey! It's the ONLY day that I get to sleep late so ....). Anyway, on such Sundays, we will simply settle our breakfast (or brunch) at neighbouring coffee shops or Macdonald's. In fact, I've been feeling guilty that I haven't prepared breakfast for my hubby for a long while.

But, somehow, something must have gotten into me today for I was up wide awake at 7.30AM !!! It was such a great feeling ... enjoying the fresh morning, breathing in the cool, crisp air without having to rush for work. And since I had such a rare good start on a Sunday, I decided I had to prepare something decent for my hubby.

After rummaging through my fridge & shelves, I found quite a few items enough to whip up a simple western breakfast. So what's today menu at I-Luv-Baking B&B? Minestrone soup, salad greens, palette of cheese, ham, luncheon meat (MY FAV), eggs to choose from to go along with healthy black sesame bread & Meiji low fat fresh milk !

Haha ... when my sis-in-law & hubby saw the spread, their eyes went wide open & go "Wooh ... this is what you call SIMPLE ?" (^.^)

Our breakfast spread today.

We thoroughly enjoyed it & I was full to my neck that I had to skip lunch. After the 'humble' meal, I was in such good spirit & started flipping through my mini-library of baking recipes. Finally, I settled on baking Chiffon cake and in fact, did 2 at a go - Grapefruit Chiffon & Marble Chiffon (Recipes are provided on separate posts).

Ain't I greedy? I had all the stuffing in my sandwich!

What a great & fruitful day !!! I resolve to have more of such Sundays in 2009 ... (^_^)

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